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Jan. 7 VeoRide bike share update

The VeoRide bike share program at Texas A&M University will start the new year with new rules. Effective immediately, riders are required to lock VeoRide bikes to a rack or approved parking device before ending their rides. The new regulations are designed to keep the campus tidy, and the bikes from ending up in places where they don’t belong. Failure to lock the bike to a rack will result in fines up to $75 and account suspension.

Additionally, a revised and smaller geo-fence that includes campus only (including Park West and University Gardens), and an increased fine structure for violations, such as parking bikes in an inappropriate manner has been implemented.

More than 1,200 bikes will be available to start the spring semester. Additional bikes will be added to the fleet as updates with the new locking features are made until the fleet is returned to its original size. VeoRide memberships will remain active and unchanged. Please review the information on the website for complete program details.

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