Current Campus Projects

Transportation Services plays an integral part in the planning, layout, construction and maintenance of many elements of Texas A&M's campus. Ongoing campus projects are documented below.

Quiet Zone on Campus

Texas A&M University Quiet Zone

Info about the project to create a quiet zone around railroad crossings near campus



Answering questions related to parking and transit on RELLIS campus

Polo Rd. Garage

Polo Rd. Garage

Info and FAQs about Polo Rd. Garage

Campus Projects Archive

See previous campus projects

Kimley-Horn and Associates, Inc. is an engineering firm contracted by Transportation Services to provide the following:

  • Evaluate and prioritize surface parking areas and rank in order of priority for reconstruction or maintenance.
  • Produce preliminary options and probable construction costs of each lot in order to provide a basis for budgeting future construction.
  • Produce construction documents based on initial investigation and soil reports, and create an annual maintenance program to help extend the life of the parking areas.
  • Assess the five parking garages on campus to document the existing general condition of the facility identifying both well performing or deficient items.
  • Generate a plate of the necessary maintenance work for each garage and the probable cost for each garage.

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