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Projects Your Donations Would Support

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What's Already Underway

Texas A&M University Transportation Services has already undertaken several initiatives in support of our commitment to sustainability. Learn more about them here.

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Where We're Headed

We are constantly seeking new avenues to grow our sustainability footprint, and several projects are already in the planning phases. See where we’re headed here!


Why Sustainability Matters

Texas A&M University Transportation Services is committed to the use of and conversion to sustainable transportation. Sustainability is about preserving the environment for future generations. By implementing and maintaining Sustainable Mobility projects, Texas A&M can become a world leader in environmental stewardship.

Thanks to the generous support of donors such as Hoyt W. (Bill) Clark ’74, our sustainability efforts are well underway. But our work has just begun. You, too, can make a difference by contributing financially through one of our dedicated accounts.

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