Parking Citations

Transportation Services is authorized to impose fines and/or other sanctions for violation of the university’s parking regulations. See citation image for help finding your citation number.

Parking citation printout indicating location of citation number

Reason for Citation Fee*
Overnight Parking in Visitor Area $30
Bicycle Removal Fee $25
Bike Lane Violation $45
Failure to Remove Vehicle for Special Event $45
Improper Parking $45
No Money Violation (Hourly Fee Areas) $45
No Valid Permit $45
Pay By Space Violation $45
Time Violation (Over parked in Timed Area) $45
Unauthorized Area $45
Relocate or Release Vehicle $90
Boot Removal Fee** $105
Fire Lane/Hydrant $150
Forged/Altered/Lost/Stolen Permit
(plus $40 per month beginning the month the item was reported forged/altered/lost/stolen)
Parking in Accessible Parking Violation $150
Property Damage (plus replacement costs) $150 and up

*Customers who pay within 14 calendar days of the issue date of the citation may reduce the amount due by $10.00.

**Boot removal fee not eligible for $10.00 fee reduction. Boot fees are set by the boot company and scheduled to increase 2% annually. Effective 9.1.2023 the boot fee will change from $103.00 to $105.00.