Frequently Asked Questions for New Students

How do I get a permit?

Log into My Account to determine any permits that may be immediately available. Requests for other lots may be made by adding yourself to a wait list.

How do I add myself to a wait list?

You can add yourself to a wait list for up to six choices by logging into My Account. When your name reaches the top of the wait list for a lot/garage with a vacancy, you will be notified via TAMU email and offered the opportunity to exchange or purchase the permit available by a given date. You can view your wait list progress through My Account.

How can I get bus information?

Our Transit Service page includes information regarding on-campus, off-campus, night and weekend routes. You may also visit Bus Routes for maps, leave times and real-time bus locations.

Are there any areas other than my assigned lot where my permit is valid during the day? (Night permits are NOT VALID during the day)

Yes. Your permit is valid in several other lots during the day. Visit our website for the Any Valid Permit Map.

NOTE: Night permits are only valid at night, and are not valid in any lot prior to 5 p.m., except during semester breaks.

Where can visitors park?

Visitors may pay to park by the hour in Lots 61 (Kleberg), 72 (Wehner), 74 (Rosenthal), 88 (GSC), 97 (Agrilife), 122 (White Creek) or in the Central Campus, Gene Stallings Blvd., Northside, University Center or West Campus Garages. We ask that visitors refrain from parking in areas designated for faculty, staff and students. For more information, maps and rates see Visitor Parking.

May I park in other areas at night and on weekends?

All valid TAMU permits may park in other lots from 5 pm to 6 am and no permit is required on Saturday, Sunday or days when the university is officially closed. Visit our website for the Night/Weekend Map. Exceptions include numbered space, restricted areas, lots 30, 40, 99, 122, the golf lot and spaces reserved for athletic and other special events. Parking restriction notifications for athletic or special events are posted at the entrance of all lots affected.