Parking in Gated Facilities

Numbered space parking is on the second and third levels of the Northside and University Center Garages. Unnumbered parking spaces begin on the third level. In West Campus Garage, Southside Garage, and Polo Road Garage permit holders may park in the first available space. More on garage parking

Please see our brochure to make your Hands-free Device Work Better!

Important things to know

  • It is necessary to use your access device in the PROPER ORDER:
    • UCG: IN the garage, IN your assigned level, OUT of your assigned level, and OUT of the garage
      UCG customers are allowed 15 minutes to travel between the gates of the garage and the gates of their assigned level when entering and exiting the facility.
    • Other gated facilities: IN the garage/lot and OUT of the garage/lot
  • The procedure for accessing a gated facility is as follows:
    • Pull up to the card reader.
    • Swipe your Aggie ID or scan your access device or permit as shown or simply wait if you have a transponder or toll tagconnected to your permit (not available for students).
    • The gate will raise.
  • Only one vehicle will be able to enter at a time regardless of which device is used.
  • Customers with toll tags from Austin, Dallas, or Houston may have their toll tag activated to open the gates by completing the Request Toll Tag Activation form.
  • Customers without toll tags may purchase a new or replacement transponder for $15 at the Customer Assistance Center in Polo Rd. Building, Suite 350.

Gated Facility Access Help

To access the gated facilities, you may use all of the following interchangeably:

  1. Scan your access device
  2. Swipe your TAMU ID card
  3. Use a hands-free transponder/toll tag (not available for students)
person swiping permit

The annual permit or Aggie ID should be swiped top to bottom with the magstripe facing the right

antenna mounted from ceiling

If you use a transponder, the signal will be read by the antenna shown below:

Is it Possible to Go Too Far?

Pulling too far forward towards the gate arm will prevent the gate from rising, since your access device will not be in the access range of the reader. Instead it will detect your vehicle is blocking the lane.
When approaching the lane, pull forward just far enough to get the front of the vehicle in line with the card swipe reader. If the gate does not open, slowly move a couple of inches forward until the driver’s window is in line with the card reader.
Following Other Vehicles

If your vehicle stops too close to the vehicle in front of you at the gate, it is possible for your device to open the gate for the vehicle in front of you. If this happens, your vehicle will be denied access when you approach the gate, since the reader has already granted your hands- free device access to the area.


  • Pulling up to a gate at a high rate of speed and coming to a sudden stop may cause reading error. Approaching the gate at a reasonable and safe rate of speed to improve your chances for a successful tag read.
  • If your forward progress is blocked by a vehicle in front of you after the gate goes up, please move forward slightly such that the front of the vehicle is over the safety loop. This will ensure that the gate stays up until such time as you can safely proceed. Otherwise, the gate may time-out and lower. Your Tag will not be read again and a card swipe may not be successful, as the system will think you have already entered/exited the area.
  • If you do experience a problem gaining access to a facility/location to which you believe you should have access, please use the intercom located adjacent to the card reader. In the few locations where no intercom is present, please call the number posted near the card reader.
  • Leave at least one vehicle length between your vehicle and the one in front of you when entering a gated lane.
  • No hands- free system works every time. Remember you may swipe you’re A&M ID card or scan your permit if the gate doesn't raise automatically.